Irrational thoughts vs delusions

Two thoughts are spinning away in the background of my mind . 1. The physical problems are a sign I have cancer. 2. This virus is going to lead to the gradual extinction of humankind

Whether this is catastrophising, irrationality or in any way delusional I wouldn’t like to say.

  1. sounds kind of like hypochondria 2. could be all of the three you mentioned

It is hard to deal with those questions. Unless you are showing signs of cancer, the NHS probably won’t give you more than standard screenings. And nobody can say for sure how the virus will turn out. Maybe it is best to focus on the “so what” aspect. If the virus leads to mass extinction (which I do not think will happen) there is nothing you can do to change that outcome. If you have cancer that is somehow undetectable to doctors, there is nothing you can do to change that outcome. Focus on what you have control over. You have control over washing your hands, not touching your face, and wearing a mask in public. You have control over making sure your loved ones know they are loved. The rest is up to the universe and other people.

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