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I’m a marihuana addict. I can’t seem to kick the cravings. Every time I think I have it beat, the craving to use grows stronger and more often. Today is day 172 of sobriety and I’m literally on my toes, going to grab my keys to get in my car and pick up some ganja. I know I shouldn’t and that I’ll regret it… sometimes I think I’m predisposed for cannabis abuse, that I’m wired to use.

I’m not giving in. I’m going to work on a project and keep myself busy.


I used to love weed growing up.

One sure way I found to make it impossible to smoke was to take the liquid LSD.

That ■■■■■■ up my weed smoking career for life

Keeping yourself busy is a good idea. Hang in there. The temptation will go away


That’s something I’ll pass on if ever offered… any psychedelic not weed. The unknown scares me quite a bit.


Just stay off it for the next 24 hours. The craving will pass and you’ll have beaten weed again.

Don’t give into a craving.

172 days is amazing. Keep going.


i never really had a great experience with marijuana I always had some sort of hallucinatory experience.
maybe you can pick a good activity to replace the marijuana activity


If you do a hypnotherapy course they can make the smoking of cannabis so uncomfortable for you that you know when you smoke it you can become so paranoid that you can never smoke it for as long as the conditioned reflex response remains in place.

They can do the same for alcohol or any addiction if you are prepared to be hypnotised.

Hey @gene I get it I’m on my fourth year and still have cravings sometimes. Remind yourself of everything you’ll lose if you go back to smoking weed.


I hate weed now, I used to love it with passion, but everytime I smoke it I get psychotic and anxious wishing for the effects to be over.

@Joker Funny thing is I can still tolerate psychs but not weed, weed smoking killed my psych carreer hehe…

@gene I feel you man, sometimes being sober forever feels worse than being dead.

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Hope you can kick the habit. Generally speaking , it is not good for schizophrenia or psychotic disorder. Do your best, I believe a large part of my recovery(?) is due to getting rid of marijuana use, and I am someone who rarely hears auditory hallucinations and visual ones rarely sees and then even negative symptoms aren’t always an issue either. I’m almost near normal I would say, slow or anxious but neither is beyond what is normal for someone less bright or someone prone to anxiety

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