Irrational hatred a symptom of schizo?

For some reason recently since I started having symptoms I have gained a deep hatred towards my dog and I don’t know why.

Can’t get rid of her or anything because I am a minor in my parents house…

Is it the dog you hate or the dogs actions? It might even be something you are projecting at

Just the dog. Like I said - it’s irrational and it is just there.

Tell your parents to get rid of it asap. You don’t need an animal cruelty charge.

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Remember that these thoughts are irrational. These thoughts come and go on a crazy assortment of ways. Separate yourself from the emotional charge by grounding yourself in reality. Meditation helps I find

You should probably tell your parents about your feelings towards the family dog. Do you think you might harm the dog?

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I won’t harm the dog. I am confident of that. I hate even bopping a dog’s nose to repromand it. I just tend to ignore it and keep it away from me.

Well that’s good to hear


You probably just want to be alone. Not having to deal with an animal in the house. It may be domesticated but maybe you don’t want an animal around you. Simple

It may or may not be. Surely, schizophrenia can express itself in irrational thinking and general irritation.

Good idea meditation and lots of yoga for stress!


Hthank you 37373737373

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