Irrational fears


Fear with no source. As in, I’m not scared of anything in particular, I just feel scared period sometimes.


I know what you mean, I’m scared all day long, usually of the government.


I have small fears such as other people being able to hear the music I listen to through my earphones.
And then I have stuff like thinking people driving by me are going to shoot me or pick me up and kidnap me, especially at night :disappointed_relieved:


I’m not one bit scared of the government nor have I ever believed in any conspiracy theory. Speaking of fears I would regard as irrational I would cite “other people”. People are frightening, their eyes, their mouths, and right ugly. I can’t stand ugliness, I keep apologising for the state of the world and the pitiful aesthetic standards of its inhabitants. As a child I often entertained the idea that I was the only human being in the world and thay everyone else was a monster in disguise, I just had to catch them unawares, which to their credit I never did. Now I know I was wrong, they are human and I am not.


People are scarry but ive got to learn to deal with it, while I’m at school. And yes I’ve wondered why there’s a big gap between schizophrenics and regular humans.


Mine is people can read my thoughts and think I am immoral. But who are they to judge. And they are out to get me.


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