Irrational fears


My irrational fears are like the government is about to kill me, they’re watching me, thinking I’m moses and the government doesn’t like that. Or sometimes I think people are talking about me behind my back. Anyway what are your guys irrational fears?


I am batman and have to save the world.
I just don’t know from what i have to save the world from.


Those thoughts are pretty common here. Try not to dwell on them.


I’m trying not to dwell on them, but sometimes it overshadows everything else


When i watch international news. Some places are like a human slaughterhouse.


Sometimes when I get really stressed I think there are bugs in my brain. I’m getting over it.


Yeah stress is definitely a factor in schizophrenia.


Maybe because we are not occupied with slavery work we get stupid thinking.


From my abuse, I got the fear that I was being constantly attacked as a little girl. I still have so much paranoia.

When I look back, I realized that this might be an early warning sign of something to come.


Sorry you got Abused.


It’s okay, no worries. I can now use my experience to help others who went through the same. :two_hearts:


Still better as losing the legs stepping on a landmine.


Wait you stepped on a land mine


Caution landmine. Step here.:rofl:
No, i never stepped on a landmine. Wasn’t my fate.


My irrational fears (the government is and enemy) stem from a need for attention. I am such an invalid that I have more needs for attention than other adults.


Attention defizit disorder?


What about attention deficit disorder?


Chordy said needing more attention.


That’s not attention deficit disorder, attention deficit disorder means you can’t focus and concentrate


They are pills for add. But i don’t get them. They get market in the underworld.