Irration beliefs of the normies

Big foot…
The world is flat…strangely thats making a come back.

I want some of this to be real too but as of now they lack real proof. I really dont understand the flat earth thing wtf. I know we all have odd beliefs or delusions but come on flat earth we tried that one already and pre space age humans disproved it.

Two of my friends believe the earth is flat… I can’t even begin to understand why

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Me too and me neither. We all know the earth is potato shaped as was it intended to be.

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I think in most cases those people don’t really believe what they are saying. Like the people on YouTube who are out in the woods at 3AM in the pitch dark trying to get video footage of demons and aliens. Like if you really thought there were aliens and demons out there, you would not be wandering around in the woods in the dark mouth-breathing into your phone camera.

I think most of the time it is bored people trying to have some fun and get hyped.

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Bollocks. It’s clearly shaped like a meatball. You’ve obviously not been touched by His Noodly Appendage.




Oh no torn between 2 starchy deities
The great potato vs flying spaghetti monster
Both delicious both filling i cant decide.