Irratibility and OCD?

I think I had OCD and antipsychotics reduced it. I had head shaking when I was young too. Everytime I shave my head I get more irritable as I can’t play with my hair. Playing with my hair relaxes and calmes me. Maybe I shouldn’t shave my head. I don’t want more meds. Yesterday and today I passed hours pulling my ear hair, they got hot and red.

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I feel like I should be on OCD meds but don’t want more meds. Anyone here with OCD?
@Loke You have OCD?

Yes. I have intrusive thoughts of physically harming people. I don’t leave my house because of it.


Meds don’t help you?

Not really no

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I too have intrusive thoughts. It goes up and down though. Sometimes I have really hard time with it and sometimes I can relax my thoughts a bit. It’s annoying though.

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