IQ and Schizophrenia

Does SZ affect IQ?
My psychiatrist sent me to a neuropsychologist.
She tested my IQ but didn’t give me numbers.
Is she allowed to give me precise numbers?
She refused to give the results to my parents.

My verbal and problem solving skills were way less than average. From what I can remember she didn’t test math which I am really good at.
In visual reaction time and accuracy (Concentration?) I was way above average probably because I play lots of video games.

I don’t get IQ testing, I have a physio degree and got A’s in many of my university classes and she says I am less than average.

Schizophrenia does affect IQ, you lose 10-20 points I hear. But IQ testing is overrated, grossly.

As long as you have reading comprehension of some sort and a lot of persistence and willpower, you can accomplish all kinds of things.


In university I had an IQ test done. A government official test. I was quite above normal. 145. I’m sure I’m lucky if I’m in the normal range. I have a severe problem with recall. I’m always grasping at words.

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I my opinion an IQ test is only good at measuring certain aspects of the intelligence.
You can be quite clever even with a poor result and helpless even if you score high.

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IQ tests are quite poor representations of what constitutes intelligence. If you performed well at university, then you are someone with high intelligence. University isn’t easy, so to have scored as highly as you did is a good indicator of your intelligence.


They said in “Time” magazine that Mohamed Ali had an IQ of 77. There was another boxer named Bobby Cyzs who had an IQ of 140. But Mohamed Ali was so much smarter a boxer than Bobby Cyzs. And I have to question the wisdom of a man with an IQ of 140 choosing boxing as a way to earn his living. I’ve heard that when disadvantaged kids take the standardized tests they don’t try. They don’t put much effort into them. I’ve seen a lot of guys with disadvantaged backgrounds do some impressive cognitive tricks. I usually scored well on the standardized tests, and a lot of disadvantaged guys could do a lot of cognitive tasks I couldn’t do. Like playing chess. They always killed me in chess. The only thing I know about cars is how to drive them. That’s a serious deficit. There are a couple of other things where disadvantaged kids do better than me. I think IQ tests are hugely over rated.


I knew a guy with an IQ of 158 who was totally dysfunctional.


I haven’t been officially tested since my diagnosis, but I had a very high IQ when I was tested in college and I can guarantee I’m nowhere near that anymore. If I had to guess it’s at least a 20 point loss. I don’t think my first psychotic break did much damage, but the dozen since then definitely have.


But, fwiw, I had a high IQ and dropped out of college and my brother had an IQ of less than 100 and got straight As in college and is living a great life.

I don’t think IQ means much unless it’s comparatively used in diagnostics. Like to see if you’ve gained or lost IQ points.


You can have a high IQ and still be dumb as a brick.
Just like you can have a low IQ and still have streetsmarts.


In the book Surviving Schizophrenia, the author claims the IQ only drops about 8-10 points.

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I have about IQ of 120. When I got tested w/ IQ after my dx of paranoid schizophrenia at age 17, my doctor was surprised to see that my writing, speaking, and reading levels were above average.


My teacher in 4th grade complained I didn’t do my school work and all I did was stare out the window.

They did IQ tests on me and my memory skills were off the charts.

I didn’t do my school work because I though it was a waste of my time. Show me once and I knew it.

In high school my IQ started dropping. It had the school psychologist puzzled. I was doing a l of drugs at the time.

Then I got schiz now I feel as dumb as a box of rocks.

When I applied for disability the case examiner told the judge I was smart and trying to pull one over on the system. She was trying to use my IQ against me.


When I heard about Ted Kaczynski I lost confidence in IQ tests.

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 10.52.01 AM

He probably got a mental illness like psychopathy.

160 is the highest right?

You can have an average iq but be an educated person so that you come across as more intelligent than you are.

I used to think I was pretty intelligent then I figured out that I was just educated.

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i think IQ tests are a joke…if they are to be believed im then more intelligent as an 18 yr old kid than I am now at 43…these tests are a joke…they measure things which don’t matter much…


i don’t know what my iq is. i dont remember ever taking a test, but i suspect it’s average to below average.

i used to have a really good memory when i was a kid, which helped my intelligence. but i drank a ton and smoked a lot of pot from 16-30 so i now have a subpar memory. although it has been improving these last couple of sober years.

My verbal IQ based on psychometrician devised tests is as follows .

On a verbal linguistic test at psychology today and Queendom -153
The vocabulary part at open psychometrics -156

I can’t say whether those two were devised by psychometricians .

If left to cope without support I’d be “Up ■■■■ creek without a paddle” as my wife used to say . In Essex with next to zero support I was basically self neglecting . Not that I realised that at the time . I think it was a major factor in my stepdaughter wanting me to move near her .

On another thread I raised the issue of practical intelligence . I’ve never had much .

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