IQ / academical testing

I’m from a solidly middle class background. Not Cameron and Johson level elite, but more ‘elite’ than most. I was privately educated from the age of 8-18. By the time I left home, to go to a social services place for the mentally ill, my father was the diplomatic equivalent of a 1* general and had a ‘Who’s who’ entry.

Since coming out of hospital for the last time in 1983 I’ve been among w/class people far more than m/class people. At best the w/class attitude towards me is ‘He’s not one of us, but he’s an OK bloke’ . The average person with the same background as me( but who’s stayed at that level) regards me as totally inferior.

I find phone conversations hard regardless of how intelligent the other person is.

This is an article I came across a few years ago. Bruce Charlton's Notions: Social class IQ differences and university access


Anyone else that has taken any tests?

I totally agree Eternal. The chavs/roadmen thing is funny. Very british problem. But yeah I have nothing in common with those types. May as well be speaking different langauges because our reactions to the same situation/stimulus is so oppossing as well as just general use of language. I also detest their culture.

I think emotional inteligence is something that I value a lot more than academic achievement. Its just that are academic are also emotionally intelligent. But that doesnt mean if you arent academic you have no emotional intelligence.


I don’t believe in IQ. There are more important things, and other ways to measure intelligence.

I don’t write off folks because they have less money than me or don’t have full-time employment like me. That’s a great way to miss out on fulfilling relationships with interesting people. I look for those who have worthwhile qualities that I admire as they make the best friends.


Being called smart or considering oneself one has paradoxical effect. Same with being tested as having high IQ.

They end up thinking I am smart I don’t need to study as much. I have high IQ things should be easy for me.

When things require such individuals to persevere they start losing it. Neither are they well adjusted with others.


IQ testing does more harm overall. Malcolm Gladwell has dedicated a chapter in his book Outliers about IQ tests and what it means for education and life achievements.

You mentioned you have ASD it might be helpful for people with similar conditions. Peeps with ASD tend to be obsessed with repetitive tasks. Good at recognizing patterns.

This is a troubling idea. You might end up restricting your efforts.

You might want to check out Barbara Oakley.

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I met my wife in psych hospital. Large age difference + different background, but it worked…

Why do you think that?

I find some things easy and other things a lot less easy. My default position re the easy things is to think if I found it easy a lot of other people will too.

I’ve been online for about 25 years This forum and FB high IQ groups are both places online where I’m accepted more than usual. It took 11 years to have about 56 FB ‘friends’ In the last 17 months, since joining high IQ groups, that’s gone up to 176.Very few of those have been non high IQ people.

Do you believe in IQ?

That’s interesting, one of the things that I find exciting about New York City is that you can find a plumber, for instance, reading philosophy. People do whatever they want regardless of their station.

Another thing I think is that it seems many people now-a-days shy away from physical work so that people won’t look down at them while paying to go to a gym to get less exercise.


Think what? Which part?

I mean why is it a troubling idea

How does knowing ceiling of math abilities will help you?

If you have higher than average quantitative ability scores you might end up relying on this score excessively. What happens with people who are called smart and having high IQ is studying hard ends up contradicting their self image of being called smart or having high IQ. When you have high mathematical abilities why would you study hard. Things should come easily to you.

If it is other way. You don’t score high on tests measuring math skills you end saying to yourself - see math is just not for me. This test result just proves it. Why bother even trying?

Having high IQ does help with academics to a certain level. It is not only thing helping in academic and career success.

My teacher wanted to see my math abilities thats all

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No worries. Keep in mind being called smart or having IQ can deter you from putting in effort necessary. It did to me.

I probably would do awful at an IQ test.
I think it doesn’t tell much about your success in the future.
Your maturity, your ability to manage stress and time are for me the most important things.

You can be highly intelligent and at the same time spend to much time on social media, or do drugs that damage your brain. This are just examples how worthless an iq test can be.

When I was in high school my math teacher said to my mom that I didn’t had the pre requirements to do math after failing in some tests, and failed badly. That didn’t stop me from doing algebra, calculus 1 and 2 and statistics at college. I just putted the hard work when I was better medicated.


All the IQ tests I’ve taken have different questions but similar types of questions. I think they are generally indicative of your ability to think logically and to recognize patterns. They don’t really account for other abilities like memorization, artistic/musical ability, emotional intelligence, etc…

I’m afraid my iq may have decreased a little since I stopped working and started taking meds. I had a challenging job that used to keep me on my toes and now I don’t do anything.