Invisible intruders – the voices in my head

How do you deal with the voices in your head?

We all have them to some extent – perhaps they’re just thoughts, comforting and easy to live with – but for some, they are menacingly real and reflect past trauma.

We hear what happens in the brain during auditory hallucinations, and how engaging with the voices can actually help to heal.

One voice hearer even found relief by giving one of her voices his own Facebook page!

Wow, that is very creative. If it gives her relief, good for her.

A poster on the old forum did post that her voices would remind her to take her meds. :smiley:

I wished my voices were that helpful.

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Hopefully I don’t make things worse…
I watch a show called Cracked and it is about a psych crime unit that deals with police calls where psychosis may be involved. The last episode dealt a bit with a new therapy called Avatar Therapy. A way of dealing with voices. I think the idea is to get the voice outside of the sufferers head so that they can be dealt with on more even ground. In the episode they worked with a young man by assigning a face to the voice and matching the voice tone as close as possible to what the young man heard. Then they had the young man watch the avatar and changed what the avatar said from negative things to positive things or things like “I don’t know what I’m talking about.” The voice/entity became less threatening.

I found this link on it:

I don’t know if standing up to your voices is an option or not so forgive me if I have overstepped.

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Some voices I stand up to and I can sort of splash some water on my face and say, “Oh just knock it off” (though I’m not as P.C. in my own bathroom) There are times when I’m not tired and I’m feeling stronger that I’m able to comfortably ignore them. But there are two that really upset me. I don’t know if they are the sign of an episode coming or the reason it comes. But there is one in particular that really hurts me and sometimes I will get physically ill from it.

The idea of reprograming the internal voice is interesting to me. I’ve been seeing more articles on that. It makes sense to me. I don’t know if I’ll give it a try. That one that it too hard for me to face. I don’t know if I’d ever have the guts to tell another human being what that voice says. I could only imagine plugging that language into a computer. I could tell them to gist of what this voice is like, but to repeat the actual words? I would die of shame and embarrassment.

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Voices are something I still don’t wrap my head around. Difficult video games, music and smoking cigarettes help the most. I know smoking is bad.

I always toil with what they are. At times I thought I was actually hearing real people or people followed me to mess with me.

Sometimes I think my imagination is so vivid since I’m a natural daydreamer that I’m actually daydreaming about being schizo. Sometimes I think the voices are actually just me in my sub mind. It’s really just too weird to wrap my mind around. The calmer and more focused I am, they aren’t always a huge issue. I can’t focus long enough to talk to someone too too long though or it falls apart.

Music is the best for me. I don’t really listen to music. I feel it and see it. Weird stuff. I have tried to determine location of voices or direction, but I’m never really sure if it’s internal or external. It’s like being in anti-gravity environment I think. If that makes sense.

When I first started hearing voices I thought I was developing sonic hearing and what I was hearing was all the neighbors in the area talking all at once. I was sure that I was hearing kids across town talking about me.

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Yeah it was kinda weird at first for me. I could be walking down the road with no one around a d think someone was talking at me. Lol

I have 3 voices 1 is always saying it loves me while the other 2 go in hard on me. It’s dealing with the stress because they can tell when I’m having a really good day or a bad one. When it’s a bad day, they increase their volume or their attacks to up my stress to put me in a really depressed mode. So what I do is I try to stay on my nutrition so my body can handle the stress it goes through. I push myself to do lots of cardio & keep up on vitamins. I tried the drugs in the beginning & I just could not deal with the way they made me feel. It just kept me very slow & even more drained so I threw out all that crap & started to look for something that was much more natural. I really feel that the Orthomolecular Therapy is much better for me than drugs. I try to eat right stay away from sugar & processed foods. Bought myself one of those Nutribullets & I do a lot of nutriblasts with green vegetables & fruit. Like a 80/20 ratio 80% green vegetables 20% fruit. Even starting to find natural herbs that different cultures use for Schizophrenia so I can incorporate that. I figure if I keep on giving my body the nutrition it will help me cope with this. And if none of that works then I grab the HEADPHONES & bang out to music I like or I go to YouTube & watch old 80s Saturday morning cartoon shows,commercials, bumpers & 80s music to give me that nostalgia when I was kid & that brings out good Endorphins to help me through.