Invega + Xanax?

Hello, I just need to know if its possible to use the combination of Invega + Xanax? My family doctor doesn’t like adding/changing any medication and she talked to a physicist that said she should not give me Xanax.

I have really bad anxiety and it increase if my symptoms increase. So is it possible to get Xanax while using Invega?

Yes u can take benzos with anypsychotics. I take clobazam with clozapine.

I take Clonzapam but it does nothing…Is the Xanax high bad for me or something? Because i been trying to get Xanax for like 1 year now and no one will give me it. Even though they see me walking around the doctors office nonstop…

You can take Xanax with Invega, I did it. Doctors don’t like to give out Xanax too often because if you take it long term it can affect your memory and thinking. It can cause permanent damage. But as long as you’re taking it occasionally, or for a short period of time, it’s fine with Invega.

Any advice what to say so i can get it? because i have been asking for it for a long time and my doctors wont give me it…

Ask if there are any other drugs you CAN have. Like Valium or Ativan. Vistaril helps too and it’s not a benzo.

I got Xanax!!! =) Thanks guys. The pharmacy said it was “very powerful” LOL so happy.

I’m about to try it for the first time.

Hiya mikey was just wondering how you got prescribed xanax as in what did you say to the doc that made him prescribe it to you? And what country you’re in as some countries might differ in prescribing certain meds? My anxiety has been getting worse lately and I feel that I’m being consumed by it , I’m hoping to get prescribed xanax as I heard it’s a good med for anxiety and the invega I’m on does t seem to help with anxiety , thanks