Invega Trinza ( a shot every 3 months ) really works

I started invega trinza 4 months ago after being on invega sustenna for over a year. Im now off all my pills which was seroquel xr, trazodone, and cogentin. I feel like i can live life now not having to worry about taking pills everyday. This medication is a real life saver and it has a 93 percent relapse free maintenance trial results. To start it you need to be on the invega pills then go to invega sustenna then invega trinza. I love this medication it gave me my life back.


you are one of only a handful of people who have managed to stop meds and remain stable, i am hoping to one day myself but i figure i will know for certain when i am ready but i won’t take any risks, i will do what my doc says and i will be very careful

Yeah its always best to follow your dr advice my dr is the one who suggested invega to me so i started it and haven’t looked back.

I’m on Invega Sustenna, I’m waiting for Invega Trinza to be approved in the EU and change… Very glad you’re doing well with it, I’m also doing good on Invega Sustenna… It’s called Xeplion here. It’s going to be called Trevicta


Im glad your doing good as well. Its always good to hear that people are making it through recovery.

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i hate this ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ i want it out of my system can you tell me exactly for how long invega trinza is out of your system? i know about xeplion is 100 days for 150mg shot. Ive bn on xeplion since June and i hate it now Im on trevicata which last 3 mounts but I dont know what is real life and when is completely out of system… this is poison I dont want this ■■■■…

I was on invega sustenna for a year. I stopped it last month and it is still in my system. I f*cking hate it. But I am noticing I’m getting my emotions and cognition back. It’s important to exercise during the withdrawal so your brain goes back to normal

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