Invega Systema

I waa incorrectly misdiagnosed as schizophrenia after my mother passed away, because of severe depression & anxiety. I was wondering how long it will take tp get my hyper, bubbly personality back if i took the injection for 3 months?

Well it all depends on the person kado. Everybody reacts to stuff differently and what works for some may not work for all. So what I’m saying is the Invega could help you get back to your old self or it could not work that great for you. But some good advice it does work well for allot of people and I am actually on the Invega shot for sz. I get the shot every month and from my experience it really helps me allot.

Helps me stay in the real world and not get into my mind so much. Now is it going to give you back your hyper bubbly personality? I can’t really answer that, all I can say is this shot really helps me well and it should help with the sz. I really hope you can find you can get back that great outlook on life again and live life happy. I have to say I am currently back to being happy again from taking this shot.

Now being hyper I can’t really say, cause I have always had a fatigue issue ever since I was young. Some day’s I’m hyper and bubbly, but some day’s I’m fatigued and fed up. That’s just my life though. Although I can say I have more happy day’s than bad day’s if that helps.

Really hope this works for you cause it is great medication for sz. Wish you the best of luck