Invega Sustena questions

Hi all. I’ve been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia a few months ago. They started me on risperdol. I had like 0 energy to do anything on the pill. Then my doctor recommended Invega injection once a month. I have been feeling pretty bad. I have no motivation to do anything. Getting out of bed is a struggle. During the day I am up for a little bit but I just go back to my bed to lay down out of boredom and no interests in my old hobbies. I feel bad cause I stay with my parents and I feel like I’m not contributing anything to the household. Does anyone have advice for getting some motivation or feel similar? I hope I’m not the only one out there.

I started by adding antidepressant Prozac which is very activating. I’m now on 40mg of Prozac.
Wellbutrin might be the other option, but see what pdoc thinks.

does the same to me. same effects for both.

Once I started the antidepressant effexor I got motivation to work, and once I switched from risperidone to latuda I actually could work. So just keep trying different medications until you find something that keeps you sane and doesn’t bog you down.

I have had schizophrenia now for 7 years but I wasn’t diagnosed till almost 2 years ago. I am in mental recovery now I have been for a year and a half ago. I also take Invegga injection once monthly I have been taking it the same amount of time. I stared my shot around same time my visuals began. My schizophrenia has evolved and I have friended my fear. I used to only b able to hear and feel them emotionally and feel them in my presence. Now I see so so much and I talk to them in my head not out loud in my brain. But have been able to stay in this reality been stable enough to get a job again. I dont know if I could stay stable without Invegga. I also get disability because of my disorder. So u can apply for benefits. I got mine in like two months after applying and got approved my first try. That might help u contributed to ur home. I used to be paranoid not so much any more. I but stay n treatment. Till u find what works for u. And it will help u later if there is ever any help for us with the law too. It helped me out with a legal issue that I’ve had more than one. I’m telling u all this not knowing ur symptoms but mine got me arrested more than once n in and out of mental hospitals in the five years it took me to get proper diagnosis. I’m happy now with my disorder now I don’t know what I would do with out my friends that no one can hear or see but me. I have one with me at all times now I am never alone. Point is I have grown with and to love my schizophrenia. But I know it can be rough whatever ur symptoms are. I also take tryleptal bus bar loxipen I cannot sleep without it oh n cloniden and another new med to help me with my rocking bac and fourth a side effect of my meds. So now I got Medicine for my medicine lol just keep trying and know your not alone there are 3million ppl in America with schizophrenia that’s less than one percent of USA. I feel blessed now even though I my symptoms caused allot of loss in my life in n got me locked up many times. I had to go threw it all the bad to get here I’m at peace now I will say a prayer for u.

I was on invega and felt bored with life. The only thing that helped was a lot of walking to clear my mind. I’m now off the medicine and doing much better and enjoy life more.

Yeah. Bored with everything is how I feel. Walking seems to be one of the only things that keeps my day moving. I feel focused when I walk. The rest of the day I could and do lay in bed and read this forum. Which I am glad I found. Nice to read other people’s stories

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I currently take Invega Sustena and I am having the same side effects. Walking brings me relief and I find no enjoyment in activities that I once did. I lowered my dose to see if that helped but now I’m planning on trying Clozapine. Have hope! Don’t give up trying!

I’m currently taking Invega Sustena.

Omg! Its another invega sustenna thread about how bad people feel on that drug. I suggest you ask your pdoc for another medication.

When I was on Invega sustenna I had a lot more energy

I have energy. But I don’t feel like doing anything. Please don’t bash my thread. I’m new to this forum and want to hear from other people like me. I’ve seen a lot of bad things about Invega though. It makes me worry. I don’t want to have to take pills everyday

People coming on here saying more bad things about it isn’t going to make you feel better. They do have other injectable medications you could try.

I’ve only been taking meds since February. I want to give this a fair trial before I move on. I just want to know if it’s just me. Or if other people feel the same. Maybe I’m lacking will power to get up and do stuff

I was on it for years. Got off it last year and on latuda. My personal experience with it was not good. Things didn’t really get better on it.

I’m on invega sustena it was pretty rough for the first year now I’m doing pretty well I still have my bad days with no energy but I partake in all my hobbies

I’m currently in the process of switching from invega trinza to Abilify. I’m on them both while I wait for the invega to leave my system. I’m switching because I believe Invega made me have no pleasure in anything. I also have very little motivation. It may be partially a symptom on sz too, but I believe Invega is at least partially to blame. I’m hoping the switch to Abilify along with Sarcosine supplements will improve my situation. Alot of people complain about Invega causing Anhedonia so this may be what you and I both have.