Invega shots

my son is on court ordered shots,i was wondering if any one else has this problem he has moments of symptoms

I’ve been on court ordered care a few times… I’m so unstable… people know I won’t be med compliant… so it was court ordered shots. It was Clozaril.

I wasn’t court ordered due to moments of instability. I had been in an episode for a long time.

My brother was on court ordered injections just recently. It helped stabilize him enough to get it through his head he needed help… of course the shot was once a month, but the dose only seemed to last three weeks… so there was always a week of odd lapse.

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i was never court ordered but i have been on invega injections. They didn’t help as much as they should have. I was still pretty psychotic being on the highest dose of the injection and taking 18mgs a day of the pills wasn’t enough.

thanks… I hope that’s all it is for now,he still says he is not sick…

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My son was recently on Invega shot for 2 months… Yes it is common for it to start wearing off at the 3 week mark instead of 4. Also it takes time for it to build up in the system which could take months so break through symptoms will happen.