Invega Shot and tell's when you have breakdowns

Well I called the nurse and asked her to ask the doc if she would put me on 3 weeks because I could notice the shot wearing off every 3 weeks.

One occurance that happens when it’s near my shot time, I get real paranoid and think my wife is cheating on me. That’s one thing I notice that happens near my shot time. Now if my wife works at night and I have nobody here to talk to, then it get’s really bad and I pretty much have mini- breakdowns pacing back and forth, Very paranoid, Very suspicious of my wife and if she’s cheated on me or not.

That’s one tell I have when I am about to go into my breakdown. Anybody else have any tell’s that they have that you can notice right before you go into whacko-mode.

Now that’s a good thing, becacuse I notice know all these things about me, and about my breakdowns, and can actually have someone talk me down from the cliff nowadays when in the past nobody could stop it. It was like a freight train that wouldn’t stop.

Yeah it’s good to recognise your symptom set and when you may need an adjustement!

It’s not easy but you’ve a leg up over most people. Paranoia can be a really subtle thing so keep your guard up…and keep well!


she probably is cheating on you if you are using that dick destroying invega ■■■■

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'preciate it. I’ve had this ever since I was young and didn’t have my Bad one till I was 27, then diagnosed at that age too, So I’ve had it long enough I’m starting to notice what are my tell’s and what to look for when this happens

HaHa Lmao

I’ve lost all sex drive when it comes to that. But you know what, I don’t think my wife care’s really. Invega is the best thing to happen to her ever since I stopped asking for sex every other night. Now she get’s a break and get’s to roll over and go to bed, and not worry about having to do all that work of taking your clothe’s off and humping.

Actually Marriage and Invega has destroyed my Sex Life. Been Married 6 years and anybody that’s married know’s if they get it more than 2wice a month then there lucky

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my dicks numb dude i just wanna cry


Talk to your shrink dude…get some viagra…or get onto something that helps. Your on invega it’s a shot! Pills are probably better but you’ve got to take them and regularly or otherwise it’s bunk…

If there’s a problem then sort it…Antipsychotics make me last a long time…I find they are good for sex…it’s not such a bad thing…please…talk to your doctor!

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what meds are you on wow… i’ve been off invega for a month now and my dick still doesn’t work properly, if it doesn’t fix im gonna kill myself

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I’m on zyprexa…works well for me.

Talk to your shrink. Your dick not working could be a number of things and maybye not meds…talk to a doc. Viagra may help things…but you need to sort it out!

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Real life. REAL life.

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bro i had a huge boner u could hang a towel on before i was forcibly injected with 234mg of invega. And im not gonna rely on viagra forever. This drug is poison


I’m about to try it for the first time tomorrow. Getting nervous, might have to ask her for Viagra with it.

talk to the shrink…and it takes a while to settle in…6 weeks…if that gets your symptoms in control then that is good…then you address things like your dick…but still. Talk to your shrink! I’m just an internet dude…I don’t know shite…talk to your doctor please!

Lol man. but what else is out there that can help calm the symptoms without having to worry about taking a pill once a day, which I never would do.

I’m on the same dose I think. If that’s the max dose then Yeah, I’m on it. Although the doctor has to give it to me once every 3 weeks now, instead of 4 since it wore off every 3 weeks on me.

I’m not going to say I never get a Boner, cause I do, but it’s not as often as it was. This shot I really don’t get many of the side effects of. Haven’t gained weight on it, although I know what your talking about

I’m on 75 mg of invega but for mè is a very bad drug it doesn’t work I have sex drive, but invega it’s very bad for my mood I have mood swings, depression and I’m not stable on it I cry everyday. In my experience invega is a real crap for mè, I was on ziprexa and was better for mè. Invega sometimes triggers my simptoms out. I have the capacity to working because I worked last year before invega I muss just find the right drug for mè and the right drug I think is ziprexa

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That’s the complete reason why Doctors test you out on this stuff. To see if it works for you. Now for me Invega Helps all my symptoms, Doesn’t make them disappear, but definitely quiets them.

Although we all react different to different drugs. What works for some may not work for others. I would swear by Invega if I were to tell someone who was taking it what it would do for them, although in the back of my head I have to remember it may not work for them like it does me.

Although do I think you the person has to put in a genuine effort mind, body and spirit to let this drug work on you and lessen symptoms? Yes, but I also think you need to be geniunely happy and at least allittle bit energetic for this medicine to work at it’s best.

Therefore if your not happy and lazy then medicine isn’t going to really change those two things all that much, unless you luck out.

I’m on invega 75mg shot and it’s the best antipsychotic I’ve been on. Apart from s few small things it has kept me out of hospital for over a year when before that (on ability) I was being involuntary hospitalised twice a year ongoing for 6 years. Since then it has changed my life is better.

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Lilskits that’s f*cking hilarious. Real talk And I’m on Invega