Invega Injection

I take Invega Injections every 3 weeks. I developed TD and hand tremors after using Invega for 2 years. How long have you been taking Invega and what side effects do you have?

I have been on invega injection for 3 years 8months. I have a little pain behind my left breast that comes and goes about every month for like 15 min, and weight gain. Also don’t really have great sleep. Get up alot during night. And tiredness and boredom during day. Thats about all the symptoms I know of.

I took invega injection for 2 years. I had really high prolactin so I had to switch. I’m on abilify now. My prolactin has come down a lot.

I had high prolactin, was and still am unmotivated, apathy, blunted effect, and weight gain.

I stopped the shot and still have some symptoms from side effects due to the extreme half life.

I’ve been taking invega injections for 8 years. I experience Akasthesia, blunt affect, flattened emotions, and vertigo. I also have trouble swallowing and ED. I also have anhedonia.