Invega injection increase?

I recently went from 78 to 117 and was doing so in order to increase my sleep and have noticed that my sleep has actually decreased the last to injections I feel as though the shot was not as painful like if they didn’t inject it right or deep enough I recently started working out right before my injection. Stopped feeling painful so wondering if maybe the new muscle is interfering I don’t want to stop working out but I also want my sleep any ideas what I should do what it could be i also work out on Mondays and my injection is on a Tuesday

If i can read your post correctly - im pretty sure, you working out is not gonna affect how the injection works. I assume you have it rotated anyway like i do - from either arm or left right or side of your buttock.

If your arms tense when the jab goes in - its gonna hurt more later on anyway - i get a delayed ache about 2 days later.

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