Invega decreased from 100mg to 75mg? Worried about mania?

Last November I had my Invega injection increased from 75mg to 100mg, This was due to psychosis returning from stress. My psychiatrist said it was only temporary and when stress become more manageable he would decrease it again. I’m due my next injection in two weeks back on 75mg. I’m worried because I’ve been two months with the increase and its left me emotional numb, I have definitely noticed a difference.

Do you think with the decrease my brain endorphins having worked hard (I heard they overcompensate and produce more when on high antipsychotics ) will continue to produce more and send me manic? Can a decrease in antipsychotics make a person manic? I have SZA. Thanks.

I think if that were a concern your doctor would be aware of it. I mean, if you can only ever go up and never go back down I don’t think he would have risked going up in the first place. Take it one day at a time. Do you have a prn or daily pills you take in addition to the injection to help compensate for any problems that may arise?

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