Inundated with blood test forms


Inundated with blood test forms. Just did a test via the mental health centre for them to send me out yet another form which is basically the same with one difference. Haven’t phoned to make the appointment and now gp has sent me a form as well. So 2 appointments to make . The blood test people will wonder what’s going on.


Sorry to hear that, it is such a hassle to do all that leg work. It must be really hard not having a phome, I do not know where you live, but herein florida we have some think called safe link or assurance, they are government phones that give you 500 free minutes a month and 500 free texts a month (mine is safe link) if you have benefits such as food stamps, ssi, or any kind of government assistance, you are eligible. The application was really easy too, it was just a few questions right over the phone.


That should have been haven’t phoned.


Think I screwed up last test. Everything was fine apart from cholesterol which was 5.6(down from just over 6) and glucose which was 6.0 suggesting pre diabetic level. However I had taken several OTC anxiety tablets a few hours before going out which I’ve since found out had about a g of sucrose all together.

Will remember not to take any during fasting for next test on Friday and see if next result goes back to normal levels