Inulin(prebiotic) builds good bacteria and stops schizophrenia in mice


Inulin is a fibre your good bacteria feeds on. Chicory coffee has the highest amount of Inulin in it. I mix chicory coffee with regular coffee.

I’ve been drinking it for 2 weeks and I feel brilliant.

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Thanks for sharing this inulin thing.

I hope that more funding goes into this kind of research because it could be something significant.

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It can cause farts at first lol

Yea beans make you fart. But it’s worth it, APPARENTLY, or so they say

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Mice. With A Mental Illness.

Humans. Can’t Cure Cancer.

Mice Are Animals That Don’t Speak To Humans. Can’t Speak Verbal English.

Most Humans Don’t Know How To Communicate With Animals. OBVIOUSLY.

I Am Confused.


I know it was a mice study but it’s very interesting.

Chicory root is the highest source of Inulin. Chicory is related to dandelions and their in the same family.

You can go outside and pick fresh dandelions and chicory. You roast the roots and their caffeine free.

I blend it with regular coffee. It takes the acidity out of regular coffee because chicory is alkaline and alkalises the body.

The french drink chicory a lot. It’s a very french thing.