Intuitive Eating....,

I see this has been covered before from ‘topic is similar to’…

but it is something I think I am finally …maybe…getting the hang of?

so I just eat as much as I like but stop when I realise that I am physically full

even if I am not emotionally full

hopefully one day the emotional hunger wont be a problem or will disappear

does anyone know about intuitive eating?

what do you think?


Emotional hunger is basically stress eating…it is really not ideal for me to succumb to that if possible

but yea…all I can do is try my best :)) and no more no less

It doesn’t work for me. I tried it. Calorie counting is the only thing that worked.

But calorie counting doesnt suit others.

My intuitive eating just ended up with me putting on weight.

I hope it works for you long term.


I’m glad you found something that works for you Everhopeful.

Yea I’m hoping I even lose weight by eating intuitively as I’m more preoccupied with my time now. Physically more active. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t have a problem with over-eating until I started on APs (Okay, I was a little chubby, maybe). I’m still not sure if I made the right call…I could be physically healthier and crazy, but I chose fat, diabetic and saner (but not completely sane).


I eat like a bird now but when I was on olanzapine I ate like a cow.

Depending on the antipsychotic, it has had a big effect on my appetite and weight (metabolism).

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i think you should listen to your body. Its easy to be too strict but your body knows what it needs. If you need iron youll crave meat for example. That being said i think a set meal plan is important. like having a set meal plan but being flexible if you eat and are still craving something else. Maybe the meal plan is off.

I think the most balanced meals are those they serve at the hospital tbh theyre pretty balanced…

a little bit of everything

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