Intrusive thoughts?

im getting tired of these… i don’t have them always, but in particular situations, for example yesterday i was standing in a line in mall and when looked behind me, there was some guy standing and smiling, and the first thing i thought was that he was smiling because he knows something that i don’t know about me and a girl im dating right know and he’s somehow connected… i know it’s probably not true, but i still got pissed in that moment and all day was thinking who was he and why he smiled at me… how do you get rid of these thoughts?

That sounds like paranoia not intrusive thoughts, you should talk to your pdoc about that. Good luck


but i usually know that its not true, so it’s not that bad right? i can’t go to doc right know, cause im afraid they take my driver licence away if i tell them about these thoughts

Delusions of reference is when you think something is because of you.
And thinking you might lose your drivers license because of that is paranoia.
I doubt they take your drivers license, was there any hint that that could happen?

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yes, because i had to take psychological assesment to get it, but i got it in other way, from other doc without any medical evaluations at all and im afraid they will know it

Me too. They won’t know, don’t worry. There aren’t really any grounds to take your drivers license away, if you were a reckless driver or homicidal maniac but you’re not. Don’t worry.

i can’t afford that cause i work as driver, if i lose my licence i lose my job, that’s why im woried… i think ill wait, if it gets worse then ill go

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Most probably not true. May be when you looked back, your face looked nervous and he smiled possibly because of that. I can’t know for sure.

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I get that kind of thing all the time. When I’m driving to work, when there’s someone at a bus stop, I think they watch me pass by (whether they actually do or not) and it’s because they know who I am spiritually and they are actually demons…Anyway, no action required. Like you, I know pretty quickly that it’s not true. In stores, out walking, anywhere there are other people, I am the focus of some other people (in my mind). It sounds like you deal with it pretty well. Knowing what makes sense, what is constructive rather than destructive is important. It’s annoying, but unless you feel you might take action, then you can live with it. I have yelled at people in crowded situations. I screamed at someone to stop looking at me once. He was pretty surprised but no harm done. :grin: Can you get therapy?

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I get intrusive thoughts and images many times, its probably related to my anxiety and OCD more than anything else.

I am more aware of my surroundings in public - its almost normal to have all kinds of thoughts, even paranoid ones.

All you can do is ignore the negative thinking - Apply positive self talk, this helps.

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it’s a good thing that i don’t care much what people think about me, so i usually don’t react, if i think they’re laughing at me or talking about, i don’t give a ■■■■, that helps me :slight_smile: i don’t want a therapy cause it’s hard to find therapist who really want’s to help, most of them aim is money, and i dont wanna waste time and money for nothing…

i get most of them when im in public too

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