Intrusive thoughts or delusions?

How to differentiate? Especially if you lacked insight back then :confused:

I think it doesn’t matter if it’s an intrusive thought or delusion.

What matters is the symptom specifically.

Tell your doctor about the cyanide and see what they think.

But please stop asking the same question over and over.

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It’s not the same question
I was asking about different thing sorry

It’s pretty much the same question.


I don’t think you should worry too much about the source as much as the problem itself.

Are you still in the hospital where you can talk to a doctor straight away?

No I’m not I got to go home today


Next time you see your doctor, be honest and open about your symptoms and you’ll have a better shot at getting a proper diagnosis.

Are you in therapy yet?

Therapy can really help with those kinds of thoughts,

Especially CBT and the like.

I’m not in therapy

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You should really enroll in some sort of out patient program or get in to see a therapist.

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