Intrusive thoughts and visions

See pictures and thoughts I don’t want to see. Also think people can see and hear these thoughts. Does anyone see, think, and hear intrusive thoughts and think people can read their thoughts? When did you start thinking intrusive thoughts? For me it was 10 years ago till now.

About a year ago, even 6 months ago, I had obvious intrusive thoughts that often accompanied vivid images. I believe this to have been brain researchers communicating with my brain and inserting thoughts which inspired images. My meds have helped really tone it down. I still have my delusion but the intrusive thoughts have toned down a lot in the last few months. My very first experience with any type of psychosis whatsoever was less than a year and a half ago. Are you on meds and seeing a pdoc? If not, it can really help.

I find that I’ll have really intrusive images when I’m very stressed out. The way only psychosis can stress me out, as in afraid. Then what my mind does is translate that fear and stress into disturbing vivid images. It’s almost like dreaming while you’re awake and it becomes a visual nightmare.

I had had that feeling too [quote=“Sunlion, post:3, topic:60862”]
It’s almost like dreaming while you’re awake

It hasn’t happened so much in the last few months but when it did it was very vivid

I believe most of those thoughts are our minds,
unknown to us, forcing out ugly and hostile thoughts as result of
stress on the brain from us trying to force back thoughts we are afraid we’re going to have.

For me, bluntly, the whole reason I began fearing what type of thoughts I was having was that
I had experienced peculiar sciences at play and concluded that telepathy isn’t just a ‘Star Wars’ thing.
I developed a social anxiety; absurdly concerned with my thought etiquette.

In the end I just resigned to keeping my thoughts clean in public but not trying excessively hard to do so because if some people can hear thoughts they’ve been hearing them long enough to not blame others for their junk thoughts.

As for visions and images I get those too: Many of them are peculiar and seem designed to startle. I believe they are constantly streaming and there for our benefit.

Best example of what I am talking about are nightmares; I theory nightmares are scarecrows the mind uses to wake us up in the instance that something dangerous is taking place in our environment, we have to use the toilet, the brain is sleeping too hard and about to shut down or we’ve stopped breathing in our sleep. Likewise those visions are probably some form of deterrent to keep us from hurting ourselves but I think they are only meant to be triggered while sleeping - given that the mind of an sz is often times partially in that sleeping phase may be why we’re more receptive to those images, while awake, even if only resting our eyes for a second.