Introduction of fear


um hi my name is Fear.
thats just my sobriquet.

im 23
diagnosed schizoaffective.
flip flops between that and paranoid sz.
its all good.

like i said i dont drive. ive been dealingg with a sz dx for maybe 7-8 years. i experience religious and governmental type issues. typical i suppose.

lately been seeing a lot of demons and angels and hearing screams and chatter. i suffer a few cognitive impairments with memory and stuff like that. ill go into detail if anyone acyually cares.

but yea thank you.


thank you
yea i was on there


for some reason people dont like me on forums…

neither do i find them liking me or able to tolerate me in real life.

i spent a good chunk of 3 1/2 - 4 years on forums and i still dont know why im here. i continue to come here. here as in forums. general.

i never get along well with people. i am both asocial and antisocial. i say antisocial because i cant seemt o get along with others.


imo time heals all wounds