Morning all.

Millions of topics floating around, didn’t know where to start and figured this is as good a place as any.

I’m from the UK, 28 years old and currently just passed my milestone of one year of symptoms, five months post diagnosis and awaiting the commencing of personal, one-on-one cognitive behavioural therapy. I currently ingest 15MG Olanzapine per day and have for almost thirteen months now [albeit in varied doses.]

Looking to talk, maybe make a couple friends with the same or relatable problems as myself as well as try learn techniques in adapting, combating and understanding my schizophrenia. Wondering how long everyone here has had their illness and how they find it?

Look forward to speaking to you all :slight_smile:

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Welcome! I’m also 28 and I’ve been diagnosed for a year now, initially I took olanzapine but now I’m on a monthly shot of Xeplion. Symptoms free and getting ready to start school soon. What do you do for a living? :smile:

Thank you @Minnii :slight_smile: Symptom free sounds like a dream, incredibly envious. I work in property law, sales, purchases, repossessions. Good luck for school!

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Well, the symptoms free part is really recent :smile: Still a bit of paranoia here and there but nothing I can’t handle. Thank you, good luck to you too :smile:

Thank you. I don’t have much paranoia at all, just a lot more insecurities as a result of the audio hallucinations. I suffer strong audio, strong tactile and mild visual most of the day but I’m deemed ‘manageable’ even though I really struggle at night, so go figure. Thanks for the well wishes :slight_smile:

I was first diagnosed with “major depression with psychotic features” when I was 28. A couple years after that I was diagnosed sz. I think my diagnosis now is sza. I’m currently 56. I count my mental illness as commencing from when I was the age of 15. That was when I shut down socially and started to feel abnormal.

Sorry to hear of it, but pleased to see you’ve not given up. Mine commenced August last year, so still within its infancy in terms of how long I’ve had it. Hopefully I can obtain some stronger coping mechanisms here. How do you get on these days?

Ah, that sucks. I had visuals and was highly delusional. We all have different symptoms here, you’ll feel right at home i’m sure :smile:

I’m getting along pretty good. I live in an assisted living center for the mentally ill, and life isn’t bad. I’m getting to the age where I am starting to review my life and assess what I have done with it. I haven’t completely wasted my life. I never had a wife and kids, but I’m not too worried about that. I missed out a lot not having kids, but then again, since I am alcoholic and sz maybe it was for the best.

@Minnii here’s hoping! Glad you’re feeling better, gives me hope :smile:

@crimby I was recommended something similar by my psychiatrist and key worker but it wasn’t a referral, just something to consider as my symptoms can be quite debilitating at times. Sorry to hear of your alcoholism, struggled with substances in the past myself but sober now. Hopefully life will still feel worthwhile going forward

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