Introducing Supernova for COPD

(Old Man at a Party with Kids)
Old Man: And here’s a story called the 3 Little Pigs…And the wolf huffed and puffed
Kid: Isn’t that what you do sometimes Uncle.
Old Man: Well when you have COPD it’s hard to breathe basically so I was screwed but I’m not screwed any more because I have Supernova.
(He takes the inhaler and turns into a Superhero. He then blows the cake through the wall and takes the kids on his back and flies through the air. He then breathes fire through his nostrils.)
Uncle: Those piggies are toast.
(As the family eats bacon, and ribs the Uncle speaks)
Uncle: It’s too bad I can’t stay that way.
(Supernova can kill you if you breathe it in too fast due to the rapid expansion of your messed up lungs. It can also be habit forming and basically addictive. Enjoy the rest of your short life in a great way and impress those Grandkids, or Great nieces or nephews. Get Supernova. Get FAA approval before you fly around.)

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