Introducing some Chinese painting

Reading posts on this site is fun. I now introduce some Chinese painting to you for a pleasant evening. please enjoy them…


I like each of them. Each of them makes me love more this world.

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beautiful, just wish i could see the originals…

Wow that’s really lovely, it looks a lot like Japanese paintings I have seen, so delicate!

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Just thought this is night time for most of the members, and I want to present something colorful and vivid for a good night…especially something beautiful under the sun during daytime…

considering i’m about to fall asleep i thank you for it

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Those were beautiful paintings, made for a great evening, thank you green6

Enjoyed these…More?


Thank you for introducing an artist that brings you joy.

I hope I get to learn about other artist in the world.

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Here is some more. They are by different artists.



I have a deep fondness for Cherry Blossoms… I love that first one you posted.


I took a class on Chinese Painting and a Chinese Calligraphy class at my old school. The older ones you’ve posted look familiar to me.

I remember one from class that was a mountain painted completely except for the very top and that meant that the artist was against the Emperor. It means that the Emperor’s head should be cut off.

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It’s so good that you had interest and knowledge in Chinese painting and calligraphy. Thank you for did that course. I posted theses pictures here mainly for entertaining the members. Gave them a fresh break. I was afraid they kept surfing on internet at night and might have forgot how vivid and colorful the world is during the daytime.

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Yes, I need to work on my bed time and getting up to see the world. Early to bed early to rise…