Intro. Thanks


This is my first post. I got to the last forum too late, but I read a lot of the posts. I have to say that many of the posts I’ve read ring true for me, and I can’t thank you all enough. Seeing that the same types of things are occurring to others was a huge weight off of my chest. Several months ago there is no way I would have been able to read any of this, because I had a delusion that I was broadcasting and I was pissing off a lot of people by not being able to read silently. But, I just wanted to say thanks. So, thanks.


Welcome, I have found this forum helpful as well.


thought i would say hi and this place has helped me heaps, my comunication skills are actually better since being on here, so i hope this place goes on to help you more.
take care


I like this forum. I have found people with similar questions and feelings I have and they and they are helping me cope. I don’t feel so alone now. Where i live is small and i feel like i am the only one that is different and need a place to write and think what i feel and see someone is feeling the same. i am glad i found this forum.


u guys helped me too.thank you.


Years ago I thought my girlfriend was sent by a gov. agency to teach me to not think so everyone in the world could hear my thoughts and if she failed she would have to kill me. That was a lot of unnecessary pressure on our relationship.