Intestine as a second brain!

I have been reading some articles where says that intestines are like a second brain because more than 50% of neurotransmitters are created in them.

Some of you have had any positive experience by treating intestines with for example probiotics ?

If yes, could you recommend some good brand of it ?

I’m beginning to add suplements in my diet and it would be a good recommendation :slight_smile:


I’ve just recently in the last few days started using spirulina and humic/fulvic acid. They both help improve intestinal health and digestion. I’ve felt better since I started taking them.

I have Spirulina in my kitchen cabinet, I would start it today :slight_smile: thanks!!

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I just can say while on antibiotic Abilify does not causes me flatulence but in higher dosage and without antibiotic it causes. Abilify has a relation with intestine perhaps, which may be related with that. Micro biome may be has a role, who really knows?

I’ve taken probiotics at a few times in my life, I usually get an energy kick out of them for some reason? But I’m not sure if that’s a placebo effect or something.
All I know is, my gut was kind of responsible for me getting help, along side others suggesting I do so.
So treat your gut and listen to it if something just seems really wrong.