Interview with SZ author of 50 books


Inspiring one…!!!

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Sup @twinklestars … what are u up to …

50 books? Simply amazing.

They say that there’s a book in everyone.

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Drank my coffee, had toast and going to run some errands.

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My psychiatrist as i walked in this afternoon:

“you are an important person, you are a writer!”

sometimes they just want to effect your mind in some surprising way lol

but I’ve written a play - took 4 years and a lot of help - i could fill a page with people who have helped in some way
i’ve written 4 shorts and a few others that have not been performed - one of which has been on tour with a friend’s complementing play in a series of two monologues.

I should be more proud of the work I’ve done of failing and achieving to get funding - there was so much effort involved.

my full length play had started rehearsals when the director and producer pulled the plug after 4 weeks of meetings.
I think if i could have that 2 months again i would know what to say and what to do and we’d be gearing up for performances now

it will all start up again in 2 weeks if i get the funds from my last ditch attempt at getting funds to get this one going…

I’d need a new director and new actors but some things would still be in place for early June to re start rehearsals

50 books is very prolific,

I don’t work hard enough i haven’t done enough slog - type - practice

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