Interview today

I have another interview with the state today working as an emergency manager for the Department of Health in their emergency operations center.

The job says it’s for three to six months or maybe longer due to the pandemic going on.

I ran an emergency operations center in the Marine Corps after 9/11 so I have some experience.

It pays really well but don’t know if I would give up my secure federal job for a temporary gig. I will see if they make me an offer.

I could help fight the virus.


Why on earth would you even consider giving up a secure job for a temporary gig ?!

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It’s more inline with my experience and could lead to a higher paying job. I can afford to gamble some.

Still not saying I would do it.

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It might well be ongoing, i think the pandemic is going to take a while to go… i wish you the best in your interview… you can do this :slight_smile:

I’ve been getting automated calls
saying they are Dept. of Health, or Disease Prevention,

and after I hang up on the call, my smartphone
gives me notification that this was a spam call.


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