Interview in one hour

I am having my Skype interview in 1 hour

Pretty nervous but I hope it goes well

It’s for studying to become a mental health nurse.

I hope they’re not too mean, as I have not done an interview since 2005


Good luck to you @Joker

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Nice !

If it’s on a couch, that means it’s good news :sweat_smile:

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Good luck @Joker! :crossed_fingers:

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Good luck. You will be ok. You can get through this.

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The interview is over now.

He couldn’t tell me if I had been shortlisted, but he said I answered all of his questions very well

I was a bit stumped. I have short term memory problems at the moment due to Diazepam, so I found it hard to recall his quotes and things he was saying

All in all I gave it my best shot


And that’s all anyone can ask for.
Good luck, I hope you get it! :smiley:

Thanks @Pikasaur

I am content that I did my best.

Fingers crossed to see what happens

I will post an update here when I find out if I am successful!


Well done @Joker! I hope you find our soon whether you’ve been accepted.

Great stuff! :sunny:

It’s always good to get out of your comfort zone once in a while. Even if this one doesn’t pan out, it will be great experience for your next job application. :+1:

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Fingers crossed for you.

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Well done you, you can relax a bit now :slight_smile:

You gave it ur best shots so no regrets. That’s great.

I hope you get it :slight_smile:

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I just had another Skype with the Disability support allowance people and they will be recommending software for text to speech and mind mapping to help me and a recording device.

I will also get 1 hour a week with a mentor if I am successful


Thanks for your messages everyone


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