Interview for Section 8 Housing!

I have great news! My application for section 8 has been pulled off the waiting list. This is amazing, since my stepfather drilled screws in my window to prevent me from opening it and also he installed a bolt on the deadbolt on the front door to keep me out whenever he feels like I should be locked out for the night (last time he locked it at 9 pm and I had to negotiate my way inside…my new curfew is at 10 pm–and yes, I’m 33 and don’t need a curfew). I have been suffering at home and I can’t leave after 8 pm out of fear that I’ll be forced to sleep in my car should the door bolt’s bolt get locked (and it gets locked every night). He has been driving me more insane. I get paranoid now about cameras installed without me knowing, of him sneaking around my room, etc. etc…so moving out for the first time is like a dream come true and a relief off my back. :smiley: This is the 2nd or 3rd year I applied, but this time I remembered to mention that I have a disability.

I am worried about the interview process. My finances are basically donations from my family to pay basic bills like cell phone, car insurance, and court ordered related fees related to a prescription medication dui from 2015 (which is in appeals). The first stage is a criminal background check. I have to explain my dui this Thursday. I am nervous that they might use that to reject me, but I looked it up online and they have to take my disability into consideration, since I only took the medications because a doctor ordered me to.

I am so nervous about explaining my finances. I don’t get “allowance money,” exactly. Basically, some urgent bills get paid by my mom. She’ll buy me a gas card for driving to and from the dui classes and also she pays for the monthly bills. Sometimes, I get like 20 or 30 but that’s rare. How to explain my lack of consistent income? She’s signing a form saying she’s been giving me gifts and loans since January, but she’s uncomfortable with that because none of us really kept track.

Wish me luck! I am also applying for GR because my mom has too many medical bills and can’t keep giving me cash every month for my bills. I also started applying to jobs through the department of rehab, but to no luck. Either way, with my own place I can breath and relax. I am so excited! I am a nervous wreck!

Has anyone gotten section 8 housing already? If so, is there anything I should know? Thanks! celebratory cookie: :cookie:


Oh man what a story! I’m sorry your parents are so tough on you.

Good luck with housing!!!

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Good luck @HQuinn!

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Well, I just got out of the interview, They sat me down, took my fingerprints, took one sheet of paper I’d had to fill out, and handed me another stack of paperwork with an appointment in August. Oh well, lol, I feel silly thinking that it would be a quick process.

Now, for the finances. I got my estatements from my bank from the past few months. I have a letter from my mother stating that she has been paying my bills lately. Hopefully, I can get squared away in august!

Thanks for the well wishes!!!

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