Who else watched the movie Interstellar and questioned themselves ‘if life is native to earth’. My argument is that we were and the earth was found and seeded by a higher humans, higher versions of us. Because maybe their original planet if there is such thing original planet was going awry and they needed to explore thus they found this planet and currently finding more planets since you would guess once they found earth they been doing that for eons and they explore the cosmos to plant whatever seeds they see fit. OR
Life as we know it grew up with this native planet OR yes look at how I am nicely including Genesis the book of and that’s how we got here that’s our whole history.

We are native to the earth, whether God crafted us or not.

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Humans are native to earth and some are mixed with the watchers, which would be considered ET (not originally from this planet) So it is actually both…

Might get the movie tomorrow, haven’t seen it yet.

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I keep a very open mind to different scenarios playing out like my delusions can be true as well.

  When I think of alien beings I think that they may be millions of years more evolved then we are, and they don't have physical bodies that they need to care for while traveling great distances in time and or space, because they travel on the beams of light already prevalent in the universe. Our bodies are made  to evolve right hear on this planet, if there will be one left long enough for all races and species to survive and / or evolve on.

I think that all the different races along with most species of animals and perhaps plants as well are actually some of the aliens we would find in our local vicinity and that the superior intelligence beings brought them to or planet with some kind of astral projection of them knowing that we would not be able to space travel to find other intelligence. I think that a lot of species of animals on our planet are actually just if not more intelligent then we are but according to the bible we are told that we have dominion over them, and I think that is why we think it is all right to destroy them by extinction due to our careless ways.

Hey , I didnt get that from interstellar , that movie is about how future generations , with advances in technology and our understanding of the universe , advised previous generations on a means to save themselves. At least thats how I understood the movie

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