Interstellar overdrive

Inspiration for this song from @eighteyedspy23

Interstellar overdrive
Come along for the ride
Have the time of your life
Travel cross the Galaxy
And gasp in awe at what you see

We’re gonna travel through Galaxies all the way
Meet a new alien every day!
Learn a new tongue and try a new cuisine
Other species food aint gross as they seem!

(All I have for now)


riding in my spaceship
gonna find me a alien wife
stopped all the hate lip
now im enjoyin this life
from the other side of space
and my wife won the race



Love it @ZanyNotStoopid. I think it’s cool, using this as a idea for your own lyrics/poem. You took the phrase and made it your own.
I enjoy all of your posts and I hope you continue. Also, excited by your music and can’t wait for you to get going, so I can tell everyone that I knew about you before you were cool. JK, you’re cool now, I’m just joking about the goofiness of trying to be hip. Hipper than thou.


Good stuff @noahide!

This is all I got.

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