Interrelationships between depressive symptoms and positive and negative symptoms of recent onset schizophrenia spectrum disorders: A network analytical approach

In order to search about a relationships between the symptoms of SZ,
There are 2 different phenomena:
1-There is one cause for all the symptoms,and thus the relationship between the different symptoms become a brotherhood relationship (sibling)

They are generated from the characteristics of the mechanisms of one root,so they become coordinated and ordered symptoms even if they are in the form of various disorders (a salad of symptoms) !

2-Or,there is a hypothesis claiming that there are different and varied causes of symptoms,as such cause creates a special type of disorder according to the characteristics of its effect.
Thus,there can be no form of consistency or arrangement between symptoms of sz,because the disorder itself is understood as a functional chaos that produces what is inconsistent

So that,according to this hypothesis,there is no any kind of relationship between the symptoms of sz throughout the practical realities of the symptoms nor by the written words ,because there is no arrangement,organization or timing between a salad of disorders !