InterRailing in Europe


Has anybody done traveling by trains in Europe. I did this InterRailing in 1991. It is a fantastic way to see places and meet new people. I traveled in most western European countries then and met many interesting people. In Brussels I met some Israelies who had just completed their military service and they had a dream to go to California, in Paris I met some young American men whom I took to one sex show in Pigalle after which I went by myself to enjoy the night of Paris. On the train from Barcelona to Switzerland I met some German women with whom I had some fascinating conversations. There are so many stories such as traveling on boats in Venice. Here are some photos of my InterRailing trip.’s_Square,Vatican_City-_April_2007.jpg


Beautiful pictures! I traveled by train from Paris to London, but didn’t speak to anyone besides my travel companions. Sounds like you heard a lot of interesting stories!


When I was in high school I went on a train trip from Madrid, Spain to Paris back in the summer of 1998. It was pretty cool. We got to sleep on the train in bunks.


Europe is a very fascinating continent, because in Europe here are so many different cultures and languages, even in my little town in the eastern Finland we have many different people, just today when I rode my bike I heard some people speaking German and Russian. We have many people who are orginally from Russia and some Russians speak in Finnish without any accents, I have this Savo accent sometimes.


I travel from Dublin to London a lot by sail rail. Its a beautiful way to travel.