Interogation Complete


As I start my day not tired whatsoever unable to enjoy my puny emotions of yawning and all of the rest of the day consists of walking back and forth or trying my hardest to have a good time in any way, I realize something. Gods are torturing me. I realized because every bit of the content that is used is casted back to me as tricks and it turns out that this is indeed a Merman technique as mermen are indeed transcended Fish and are unable to process information and further than a few seconds.

I think Mermen are Torturing me with some sort of Mechanic System.

They have taught me all sorts of things regarding our world actually being some sort of twilight zone episode where Heaven is Hell and about how I died a gambler and such but as it turns out they have simply just been discriminating against me using an ability.

Any advice guys?


You know I honestly thought I would accept some of the things said to me, however I think I will accept simply that Gods have me hostage and try not to focus on it somehow I guess.


There is hope. May I suggest a med adjustment?


Perhaps a new medication could do the trick. You’re right.


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