Posting because it may, or may not also be ,psychosis/schizophrenia related.

At my Asperger’s post dx appointment I mention a tendency to be dehydrated. The woman I saw mentioned interoception .For me a headache and thirst pips the realisation I’m thirsty. It’s then hard to quench my first.

The hunger one is interesting some people don’t get a signal they’re hungry. I’m the opposite. I often don’t feel full up after eating , and can feel hungry again soon after eating. My stepdaughter said it could be because I’m thinking I’m hungry when actually I’m thirsty.

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My daughter has autism and sensory processing disorder. She doesn’t stop eating unless her plate is empty, unless she is sick. She isn’t as bad with drinking, but i don’t think she drinks enough though i try to get her to.

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Some psychosis/schizophrenia links.

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