Internet vs IRL

I just chatted with one of my favorite band artists last night on twitch livestreaming. He never streamed before.

He was playing a bunch of unreleased songs and riffs from his computer and jamming along to them and showing us how he edits and records.

Even talked about sim racing on assetto corsa!

It was actually a very cool experience because there was a low watch count. So I could actually interact with him.

First time I ever used twitch.


I don’t think I’m that different on the internet than in real life. I’m pretty much an open book on this forum too. I share details of psychosis on here that I have never shared with either a pdoc or my closest relatives. So I think I am more open on here than I am in real life.


If that was my gf I’d dump her on the spot and replace her with a hot dude because I’m gay.

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Hahaha fair play

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Irl you are with humans feel the connection and beauty of world.

Internet Imo is a place of entertainment and alternative social interaction.

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