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Hello, I posted some bizarre stuff on the internet like about mythology and ancient rituals and currently feel real embarassed. Anyone else do stuff like that? I’m afraid i’ll be famous as a troll or violence inciter or something? I have touch/smell hallucinations. Anyone else hallucinate smells like chlorine, glue, or roses? It’s bizarre. I thought someone was watching me so i posted to him or her through the internet, turned out to be a mistake.

Schizophrenics often engage in bizzare behaviors. I wouldn’t take it too much to heart, but I would also try to keep a lid on it.


Here is a link on how to remove posts on the internet… I hope it’s useful.

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As Becca suggested, remove them if you are not comfortable. Some people like reading old rituals and customs so perhaps you would be just a source of knowledge for them. Please don’t take it seriously. It doesn’t really matter what others think of you, what you think of yourself matters.

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By the way, I like posting quotes and inspirational paragraphs etc. :smile:

I have thousands of posts out there on the internet. I’m a poster I suppose. None of it too bizarre or kooky but I have posted in the past and found myself hesitant to even read the responses. I guess this is just due to my sensitivity more so than anything else though.

I wanna read them ! I like reading that stuff and have posted a lot about it, without being embarrassed.

A smell I have smelled over the years is copper, like burned copper…the smell you get when you are stripping down wires for scrap…except I have smelled it when I am not doing that and there is no copper around.

I have done that… here in fact. I love the fact that we can delete our own post. I was embarrassed when I got back together and saw what I had posted.

Everyone on here was very understanding. It was suggested that I contact a moderator and ask them to wipe out the post it would help me.

To answer your other question: yes I used to smell vomit sometimes when there was no vomit. It was only in my mind.

Welcome to the forum @akuras59

Hello, thanks for all the responses. They were very helpful. Neat that there is a board like this. I deleted my postings.

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I’m glad the old forums are gone, I had some pretty lame posts there.

I post ■■■■ I’m not really that proud of in retrospect. I’ve deleted them in the past, but some of it is part of my story and I like feedback.

Thanks, yeah, I am on a trip and read a bunch of books so i posted on a site, also wanted to hear a response, unfortunately some of the stuff i was reading was conspiracy theory and horror stuff like the lost city of atlantis and ghosts haunting you and i ended up posting my theories like that their are “living gods” on earth, taken from a poem i read, and illuminati running things, taken from my interpretation of this book i read, and the such. was basically embarassed. I thought atlantis because this greek author polybius would mention cities like cosmopolis and metropolis in his history so I started thinking maybe those guys were more advanced than i thought, mentioning since lunaseer seemed interested.

I was really out of my mind on the old forum, a lot of stuff I wish I had kept to myself. I was glad to start out new here.

It was filled with trolls, but I think some stuff could have been avoided if the prior admins (or moderators) had been more open…there seemed to be way too much locking and deleting without explanation, and it almost seemed like controlled discussion at times. I saw sincere people join and get deleted as a troll so that it almost seemed some of the moderators themselves had become paranoid of trolls because there were indeed so many trolls! LOL
This one is far better

The old moderators had a lot to deal with, the software wasn’t very good and they had to deal with a ton of troublemakers and drama. I know because I was one of the troublemakers. They did the best they could with the situation. I miss Dugal, he was a great guy.


Yes he was a great guy. He put a lot of time and effort in and did the best he could. Like all of us, he made mistakes but he was always trying to be helpful.


Thinking about the old forums, I wonder who among us has been here the longest? I know Firemonkey was here before me and I’ve been here quite a while. I joined the site while there was still a chat room, but not during the unmoderated chat days of old. Maybe rougeone? Or zazzman?

Jayster was also a long term member.