Internet dating experiences

If I’d done that, I’d be with the wrong guy

Only way this would play better is if it was arranged marriages in my family sand his or someone like him and they both sets of parents decide
I’d not have chosen this man till I was in my 30’s and then without experience of lesser men I’d have been looking for what all those other guys could give me, not what I needed with my husband …

It’s more important to know what’s out there and how to recognize it, first hand experience isn’t totally necessary.

I mean don’t assume that just because they are virgins that they don’t know what they want.

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Yes but, It’s important to know what you need is not what you want always

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Them maybe not
Me definitely
I mean in London as a rebel girl in the 80’s I wasn’t getting what I needed

I was just wondering. Nothing serious, you’re free to reply or not. I do not intend to insult.

Not saying I disagree with that, but if you are capable of taking care of yourself then there isn’t much you actually need from someone else. It’s more of a desire thing.

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Them of course you’re right
Me definitely
I mean in London as a rebel girl in the 80’s I wasn’t getting what I needed
I also wasn’t able to take care of myself

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In supreme well adjusted ness it seems you mean
Ideal world?

Yeah. I used to be all over the place and terrible with money and doing drugs. Was more successful with the ladies back then too. But I feel its more important to have solidarity and balance these days. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I really don’t even know where to start, but I’ve got my “needs” squared away.

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sounds like youre a big loose ■■■■ and want to be penetrated by thousand men before you meat the right one for you to fit

No, i was a child, abused, of my time and location, background, ethnicity, religion, schizophrenic with psychosis, and a trail to blaze

Dude I gotta say you’re an ass. Are you a virgin yourself? Is that why this is a big deal?

You keep insulting people and I will gas light you.

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i come from europe with european genes but was raised in different continent for 10 years. but my childhood doesnt have to do with my sexuality at all just saying.

i too am schizophrenic but dont want a whore for a partner neither do i wish to be a whore to appear a whore to my partner but want a happy relationship without any serious problem

my father lusted after children, a lot… my mum was raped in front of my 3 year old sister by a homeless guy in our own home.

my sisters both turned to alcohol abuse, drug abuse and either unremitting schizophrenia or full mental breakdown with ptsd and alcohol

i’ve had therapy
go suck on your own dick, bet it tastes great

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FLagged by poster

not even gonna read that, let alone think of a clever answer over and out

i know right dont worry i dont believe your stories anyway you dont seem to be a very serious sister to be taken information from

wow now i realise how deep your bleep bleeeeep bleep bleep is

Alright this thread is probably going to get locked. It’s gone way off topic anyways.

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