I remember how I was interviewed by our local newspaper when I was 10 years old in 1977. They wanted to know my opinion on the internationalization. I recall telling them that it was good. And now today we have people from many different backgrounds such as Turkish, American, Thai, Russian, Syrian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Chinese. Most major businesses are owned by international companies such as Japanese. So my little town has become very international. I do not know if it is good or bad, but this has been the evolution here in eastern Finland. There is also a song ‘The Internationale’.

Its just part of human history.
Was colonization a good or bad?
Was western expansion good or bad?
Diversity will eventually bring people together.
One day we won’t be afraid of others.


I’m not for or against it. I live in a very international society and its fine but the one thing that makes me against it is population growth. The capitalist emphasis on perpetual market growth isnt sustainable or practical and i view that as the main motive for internationalization

The thing is do you appreciate the internationalization of communities or do you feel the need to preserve communities from displaced populations and immigration.

I’m only afraid of who’s afraid of me. I think it’s like human nature at this point to be fearful of true differences. When I’m being myself and someone treats me bad for it I get paranoid kinda of them. I don’t hate them tho. I dont think they hate me. Just don’t understand me. I don’t hate anyone. Growing up my idol Tupac shakur taught love and compassion for all of humanity I feel. Well he was a product of the USA. A melting pot. Diversity is a good thing. You’re missing out on some really good food if you haven’t tried Latin American American or Asian food omg :yum: and African food too. And yes Europe has great food. I really would like to get to know different cultures in their home country but through food restaurants it helps too. And reading. And music.

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Kind of sort of. Basically I accept that everyone who is living in this society today will be able to live a full life and have children if they want to with whoever they want to. So i dont see Internationalization as a threat to survival. Then again I dont really care about survival or think it is important. In terms of democratic power i am obviously against people who will cancel out my vote or go against my political cultural heritage

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