International Womens Day

Bigging up all the fine young ladies on the forum, lets have better mental health and equality all round,

here is a link for a nice little Ted Talks by a Nigerian Author,

I watched it yesterday and it was very good
just click on media at the top of that link and then video and it will take you to a selection of inspiring talks on male/female equality.


here is the Ted talks


My beautiful daughters who are growing into amazing young women


I was going to buy my wife a watch in honour of International Women’s Day, but there was no need. There’s already a clock on the stove. :wink:

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If you have power outages where you live, she still needs a watch.

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Captain Marvel released today on purpose. Lots of people on Youtube giving her heat for “feminizing” marvel by being the first female superhero protagonist of the MCU. I don’t understand the problem, how many male superheros have had movies about them? Oh right, all of them. She’s also not dressed in a sexual uniform like Wonder Woman. Looking forward to seeing it in theaters when my mom visits.


My ex husband brought me a mcds meal for womens day. :fries::hamburger::cup_with_straw:


I could not watch the link but appreciate the post being made.:slightly_smiling_face:

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