Interesting post that discribes my EH VH

i am a victim of neural monitoring because people thought i was a threat although i LITERALLY have not harmed anyone nor have i ever done so much as a little thought to harm anyone i am harmless i dont want to hurt anyone and never have and i dont even have thoughts to hurt anyone all i use to thnk about before this whole occurence is pretty much…me and how i will be famous and whatever but now i have been targeted i am going CRAZY

i know that the government realizes that i am not a harm to society which is why i am here typing this but i am still being harassed mainly subliminally

has anyone else been accused of something which is why they became targeted?
if so did you ever get your closure
like did the investigators talk to you and say it is over and here is what has happened to you what i am really tryng to say is do they admit it?? iis there an end ???

if so when will i ever get that closure??