Interesting how the world goes

Last week I borrowed some movies in which the main actor was Philip Seymour Hoffman, and today we know he died as news seem to report. Never knows what happens in a human life. one day he was alive and now dead.

Drugs. He had 23 years clean before he relapsed.

That what heroin and other drugs do, personally I have never touched any drugs, but to me it is interesting how these rich and successful people destroy their lives with these drugs. I never knew he was at my age, 46, but somehow I feel younger.

Yeah. I saw “Twister” on SKY movies a week ago or so…and Hoffman was in it. Must have been one of his relatively earlier roles. Didn’t think twice when I saw him…but he did make me think at the time.

An addiction to drugs crosses all ages and all levels of sucess and stations in life. Yes, it has felled many people who supposedly had it made. I don’t need to bring up names, everybody knows them already.

Yes, some of these actresses and actors do stupid things. Somebody may still remember Hugh Grant how he had a beautiful wife who was the face of Estee Lauder for a while. Hugh Grant still did a stupid thing by going to the streets of LA in the 1990s in his efforts to find a prostitute and was caught after which his acting career got another direction, I suppose he lost his beautilful wife too.