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A.D.I.D.A.S. is a sports product labeled to mean “all day I dream about sports.” KoRn made the song with the same name to mean “all day I dream about sex.” I love KoRn and after hearing their song that’s the footware I buy. The lead singer, Jonathan Davis, said in an interview that before they became famous they would struggle to get the money together for their track suits and sneakers. Now the company sends them to them for free. I like KoRn’s interpretation better. I was never into sports, although when Jay and I go to the bar I watch the hockey and baseball games. I was going to post the song, but I didn’t think it was appropriate. :sunny:


Although it is popularly claimed that the name is an acronym for All Day I Dream About Sports, that phrase is a backronym; the name is actually a portmanteau formed from “Adi” (a nickname for Adolf) and “Das” (from “Dassler”).


I never knew that. Do you think that’s true? Wikipedia isn’t exactly a reliable source. In school we get points deducted if we use them as a reference. Good to know though, thanks! :sunny:


Well, since the guy’s name was Adolf Dassler, and German, I’d find it more likely to be named after him than an English acronym


Where does the name “adidas” come from?

The name “adidas” dates back to 1948 and comes from the name of the company’s founder, Adolf Dassler. By putting together his nickname “Adi” and the first letters of his surname, the name “adidas” was born.

But, probably isn’t a reliable source…


That’s interesting I never knew that. Learn something new everyday. :sunny:


I love that video a lot. It’s really well done. I do like KORN. I was hooked with “BLIND” and feel in love with them again with “Falling Away From Me” and of course “Twisted Transistor”


Those are good songs! My favorite albums are their first and Issues. I liked with Issues how they had fans submit artwork for the cover. They’ve always seemed to be a band about the fans and the music. Their new album isn’t bad. Some of it reminds me of Issues. Thanks for the comment!! Hope you’re enjoying this night! :sunny:


I haven’t heard their new one. Thank you for letting me know it’s out. So far my night is going well. How is yours?

I’m home alone because my brother is out on the pier doing some night fishing with his girlfriend. I’m happy for him. It’s just odd being the one home. I don’t often have the place to myself at night.

I’m slightly tempted to pull some light hearted kid sister antics if he and his girlfriend get smoochy. :kissing_heart: :wink:


My night was good! A little trouble falling asleep, but nothing bad. I’m so happy for J that he’s found a girlfriend. I’ve found someone special too. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good! Now we need to find you a good guy. Then you and J could double date. :sunny: