Interesting fact about how soviet union behaved with schizophrenics in concentrations camps

In Soviet union concentration camps, a lot of prisoners tried to get transferred to handicapped camps, some chopped of genitals, thumbs or injected themselves with water into their lungs to cause pneumonia. One guaranteed strategy to be not only hospitalized to avoid work but appear in handicapped gulag was to mimic schizophrenia, however only few managed to go through. Doctors knew about their strategy, so doctors would inject them with the strongest first antipsychotics and see how they woult react. Many after the first dose returned to regular camos and never tried to mimic schizophrenia as the meds caused some to go temporary insane


So, if you’re crazy, the AP meds will cause you to go sane. And if you’re sane, the AP meds will cause you to go crazy. Very nice. @Newlyborn .

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